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Alzheimer’s Australia has produced several resources to help you find out more about brain health and dementia risk reduction. You can download these below.

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Alzheimer’s Australia’s previous dementia risk reduction program was called Mind your Mind. You may see some of our older publications that refer to Mind your Mind.

Step to It - Why Walking Matters  NEW!
Your Story MattersYour Story Matters Poster

Your Story MattersYour Story Matters DL Flyer


Your Story Matters Booklet
Physical Activity for Brain Health and Fighting Dementia - Department of Veterans' Affairs and Fitness Australia Help Sheet
Physical Activity for Brain Health and Fighting Dementia. Alzheimer's Australia Paper 36

A summary of the evidence presented in Alzheimer's Australia Paper 36


Your Brain Matters, The Power of Prevention. 5 Simple Steps to Maximise Your Brain Health
Your Brain Matters brochure
Targeting brain, body and heart for cognitive health and dementia prevention: current evidence and future directions. Alzheimer's Australia Paper 29

A summary of the evidence presented in Alzheimer's Australia Paper 29


Your Brain Matters help sheet
Alzheimer’s Australia’s submission to Australian National Preventive Health Agency’s Preventive Research Strategy (2012-2016) Consultation Draft
Towards a dementia prevention policy for Australia: Implications of the current evidence
Towards a national dementia preventative health strategy, Alzheimer's Australia

Your Brain Matters bilingual help sheets


Your Brain Matters is supported by funding from the Australian Government under the Chronic Disease Prevention and Service Improvement Fund.


The National Dementia Helpline: 1800 100 500

Alzheimer's Australia would like to acknowledge the Aboriginal people as the traditional custodians and carers of the country of Australia. We acknowledge and respect the Aboriginal people of Australia's relationship with country and their cultural and spiritual beliefs.