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August 2014

Physical Activity, are you doing enough? 

June 2014

Guest Blog: Poor health and lifestyle factors linked to memory problems at any age
Depression, lack of exercise, obesity, high blood pressure and smoking are linked to memory problems at any age, including young adults.

The importance of a regular health check
Do you avoid making an appointment to see your doctor?  I know I do!  

May 2014

You may be more healthy than you think
Our brain is our biggest asset, and it’s so important to make its health a priority.

April 2014

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Brains
Welcome to Your Brain Matters Blog, a place where we come to share real life stories, the latest research and tips on how to live a brain healthy life.

March 2013

Guest Blog: Use It or lose it.
Have you ever successfully completed a crossword puzzle or put together a piece of furniture from IKEA?


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