Healthy Bodies, Healthy Brains

Author: Jane Hallisey

Published: April 9th 2014

Welcome to the Your Brain Matters Blog, a place where we come to share real life stories, the latest research and tips on how to live a brain healthy life.

As a little introduction, I am Jane, the Your Brain Matters Project officer, and will be a regular blogger on this site.

Today I am excited to share with you the latest research about the impact of preventative health and dementia. The report written by Alzheimer’s Australia and the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing suggests that if we can make lifestyle changes now, it could actually lower the risk of dementia for future generations!

This is very welcome and exciting news to hear that people of all ages can modify and commit to making simple lifestyle changes that may reduce their risk of dementia. By following the Your Brain Matters program - 5 simple steps to maximise your brain health you will be well on your way to making these changes. Keeping your brain healthy is essential for living a fulfilling, healthy and long life and it’s never too early or too late to start so why not incorporate these into your life today:

Look after your heart – ensuring that you have your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and body weight checked regularly and making sure they are in the healthy levels. Be physically active – exercise increases blood flow to the brain and stimulates the growth of brain cells and connections between them Mentally challenge your brain – challenging the brain with new learning helps to build new brain cells, this helps to give the brain a reserve so that it can continue working properly if any brain cells are damaged by disease. Follow a healthy diet – your brain needs a range of nutrients to function properly.  Enjoy social activity – to look after your brain it’s important to be social with people whose company you enjoy, better yet combine it with mentally challenging or physical active ones!

It is never too late to make these changes to your lifestyle and it’s easier than you might think: Keeping your brain stimulated, your body fit and your heart healthy is a lot of fun. So why not start your journey to living a brain-healthier life today by signing up to our 21 day challenge  and pledge your commitment to your brain health

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