Stay socially engaged to keep your brain active and healthy

There are many different ways to stay socially connected.  This page gives you a few ideas, but you will have other things you can add to the list.  Regular and enjoyable interactions with friends, family and others may help reduce your risk of dementia.

Your local council is a great source of activities you might be able to take advantage of in your local area.  They can give you information on clubs, groups and courses that might help you increase your social engagement.

Ideas for being social

Combine social, mental and physical activity with:

  • Dancing – you do it with others, it’s great exercise and you have to concentrate on the steps and moves
  • Team orienteering – you do it in pairs or groups, you have to move quickly and you have to work out how to get to the next point
  • Travel – you go with family or friends and meet new people, you do lots of walking and you have to plan your itinerary, accommodation and transport

Some other ways to be social:

  • Volunteer with your favourite charity or local community group
  • Go walking with friends or family
  • Check out ‘what’s on’ in your local area and participate in activities
  • Join a group such as a book club, walking group, church group or your local sporting club
  • Visit a gallery or museum and go on a guided tour
  • Organise cards or games nights with friends
  • Phone a friend you haven’t spoken to in ages
  • Go to a movie, concert, theatre production or sports event with friends
  • Take up dancing or singing lessons or enrol in a course
  • Go out for meals or drinks with family or friends or invite them over to your place
  • Talk to your pets when no-one else is around


Call the National Dementia Helpline on 1800 100 500 for questions, information, advice.


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