Your Brain

It is never too late to start looking after your brain health.

The brain is an incredible organ. It is made up of many different parts, all of which work together to keep you alive and allow you to involve yourself in, and make sense of, the world around you.

Keeping your brain healthy is essential for living a fulfilling, healthy and long life.

It's never too early or too late to start as brain health can be improved and protected at any age.

Dementia Australia’s Your Brain Matters program is based on scientific evidence that a number of health and lifestyle factors are associated with brain function and the risk of developing dementia.

The brain changes that cause dementia begin many years before any symptoms appear. The evidence suggests that midlife is a critical time to think about looking after your brain, body and heart. It is never too late to make changes that will improve your brain health.

Dementia Australia’s vision is for a society committed to the prevention of dementia, while valuing and supporting people living with dementia. An active, healthy lifestyle and effective treatment of cardiovascular risk factors may also benefit people diagnosed with dementia, helping to slow the decline in their abilities.

So what do we recommend?

There is good evidence to support a range of lifestyle and health strategies to keep your brain healthy and reduce your risk of developing dementia.

Start by reading about the 5 Simple Steps.


Call the National Dementia Helpline on 1800 100 500 for questions, information, advice.


Your Brain Matters was supported by funding from the Australian Government under the Chronic Disease Prevention and Service Improvement Fund from July 2012 to June 2015.



Dementia Australia would like to acknowledge the Aboriginal people as the traditional custodians and carers of the country of Australia.